Do I Need To Grease My Garage Door?

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Need To Grease My Garage Door

After a long day at work, your garage door should be the last thing on your mind. You don’t want a noisy garage door that isn’t working properly. What should you do? While lubricating the door is the most important thing you can do, using the wrong lubricant could cause more harm than good.

It is amazing how many people ignore garage door noises. If your door is properly lubricated, the noises will cease.

Garage doors must be lubricated frequently in order to work properly. This will reduce the annoying sound of your garage doors creaking. Contact our Experts at Garage Door Repair Yukon OK if you need any help with your garage door.

Although the steps may vary depending on the door, it’s best to follow these steps:

1. Tracks

Dirt can build up over time so it’s important to clean the tracks with a rag.

2. Springs

The springs of a garage door are exposed a lot.

3. Hinges

Most hinges are made from steel but you might find hinges made from plastic. Plastic hinges can become brittle if they aren’t properly lubricated.

4. Rollers

The roller is the part that moves along the track and is made from nylon. It will require some lubrication to prevent slippages. You should clean up any excess.

5. Locks

Some garage doors still have locks. Some garage doors still have locks.

Lubricate all garage door components. Listen to your garage door to determine if it is making a lot of noise.

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