What You Need to Know About Garage Door Sizes

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 About garage door sizes

You’re planning on building a new home and you want it to include a nice garage. It will be an essential part of your home and it goes beyond simply being a space where your vehicles will be placed. The same can be said if you’re simply going to renovate your old home and your garage is included in the renovation.

In any case, you’ll need to know a few details about garage doors beforehand. Perhaps the most notable one is about the different sizes of garage doors. You’re probably aware that when it comes to garage doors, there are standard sizes. It’s crucial for you to know about the standard size and how to measure it whether you’re building a new home or renovating. Below are what you need to know about garage door sizes.

About Standard Garage Door Sizes

The standard garage door sizes are the following:

A single car garage door size is usually eight feet wide by seven feet tall or nine feet wide by seven feet tall. On the other hand, a double garage door is usually sized sixteen feet wide by seven feet tall.

For three-car garage doors, the dimensions can be variable. The reason behind this is because these garage doors can be designed and configured in a number of different ways. While most three-car garages measure 22 feet by 32 feet, there are some that exceed that and measure as large as 30 feet by 30 feet.

What about garage doors in custom homes? Such homes definitely have their own measurements for their garage doors. The doors for those homes are usually taller than those in ordinary homes. 

Some of the garage doors in custom houses measure nine feet wide by eight feet tall. This measurement is for single garage doors. But for double garage doors, the measurement is usually sixteen feet wide by eight feet tall.

The Proper Way to Measure a Garage Door

There is a proper way to measure garage door size. You just don’t go ahead and do it without knowing what the process is. The first part of the process is to measure the opening height and width of the door. 

Make sure that you’ll measure while you’re inside the garage and not when you’re outside of it. Also, you don’t need to include the jamb in the measurement. The next step is to measure the headroom, this is the area that is between the ceiling and the door opening. 

You might also want to measure the side room that’s between the garage walls and the door sides. The last step is to measure the depth that exists between the back wall and the garage door opening.

How to Choose the Right Garage Door For You

So how do you choose the right garage door? There are several considerations that you need to make. For example, your home is one that offers flexibility when it comes to choosing the right garage door. You’ll have to decide on the actual size of the garage door you’ll need and also look at its cost and see if you could afford it. It could actually add to what you need to know about garage door sizes.

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